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“Taking time for stillness nurtures our soul and is medicine for the earth.”

Massage Offerings

Swedish, aromatherapy, acupressure deep tissue
prenatal, postpartum, warm stone, Thai touch
60+ minute sessions
outcalls additional $30

Especially for Women - $80

Massage at Janice's studio
Intuitive - Beautiful - Intrinsic

Prenatal & Postpartum - $60

1 hour massage specifically designed to nurture your body.

In Labor Blessing - $222

Janice will come to you.
A massage with reverence during contractions to comfort your soul,
ease your mind and facilitate the birth of your baby.

Postpartum Package - $822

newborn mother support
rest recover rejuvenate & nurture
I'll come to you 2 - 3 hours a day
for 6 days during your first four weeks postpartum.

'Become your most vibrant,
centered and peaceful self'

Labor & Birth Doula - $800


Prenatal and postpartum yoga
Birth planning
Labor and birth assist
Postpartum doula care
Infant massage
Have a concern? Call or text me 24-7.

From hospitals to teepees and everywhere in between, assisting a woman in her individual journey through pregnancy, labor, and birth is a sweet and tender honor.

Wishing you blissful love and calm.

You can call or text me any time and leave a message. I'll get right back to you. 805-704-9259

“doula work is ancient
woman wisdom passed down
from woman to woman.”

About Janice

photo courtesy Sandprints

Janice grew up in the SF Bay Area in a family home embracing small family business and free enterprise. Her ideas were supported and encouraged by her mother and father. In 1976, she began studying early childhood education, which was followed by the sweet of giving birth and tending to her own family. Mother of 6 children and 14 grandchildren.

In 1998, Janice was invited to be mentored by and work with her former midwife as an assistant midwife/doula in the beautiful setting of the southern Sierra's. In 2007, she moved to Morro Bay and studied massage at the California Holistic Institute. After obtaining her certification, she worked in the spa and chiropractic setting. However, her main love is working with mamas and babies.

She loves sharing time with her family and friends and hiking in the hills along the Pacific Coast.

California Certified Massage
Practitioner #62405
“Janice offered to come to my home for our first meeting. We discussed my hopes and fears over a cup of tea, and it became quickly apparent that I didn't need to interview anyone else. From this first meeting, until well after the birth, Janice filled me with confidence and love. In the weeks leading up to the birth, she texted me to check in, as well as provide reminders for self care and links to articles for more information. I can't express how lovely her prenatal massage is. Aside from being one of the best massages I've ever had (prenatal or not) her intuition and positive energy left me feeling both relaxed and empowered. For the birth itself, she was on hand as early and as long as I needed her. She was flexible and perfectly responsive to "reading me," knowing where to apply pressure, what to say when I needed encouragement, how to facilitate my family's participation, and advocate for me with the hospital team. I am so grateful for Janice and her role in helping me have a healthy, natural birth.”
- Reed, Doula and Massage Client
“I was so thankful for Janice’s massage services during and after birth. My water broke before my labor started. Feeling pressure from my OB to start interventions didn’t help jump start labor either. Janice dropped everything and met me at the hospital. She created an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. I like to say that she massaged me into labor that day. Postpartum, my back was a wreck from birth and breastfeeding. Janice’s healing energy, combined with her extensive knowledge of mamas and babies, were so valuable during those postpartum days.”
- Adrienne, Massage Client
“It’s difficult to imagine what our last three home birth experiences would have been like without Janice by our side. She was essentially our loving guide. No truer words can be said about the woman who was by our side, not only physically, but also emotionally for these life-changing events. Long before our due date, her peaceful presence, encouraging words, and experience, helped us to navigate our home birth experience. She provided an intuitive, hands-on experience to shepherd us through the hours prior to delivery and thereafter. Each of our births was so unique, and with every birth, Janice was there with different positions and massage techniques. She provided a fountain of birthing knowledge. Janice became an irreplaceable resource to enable a confident and ecstatic birth on the most joyous day of our lives. We recommend her beyond measure.”
- Caitlin, Doula Client
“Janice is an amazing doula and massage therapist! She has helped me in all 3 of my pregnancies and births (1 miscarriage, 1 single baby, and twins). My back pain and sciatica were intense. One appointment helped ease the pain, and after a few more the pain was manageable and almost nonexistent. During labor there’s no one better to have by your side. She eases your pain through touch and oils, and she respects what you envisioned for your birth and post birth. How she has helped me is hard to describe in words, but a few single describing words I’d use would be: comforting, peaceful, reassuring, tender, and extremely knowledgeable.”
-Heather, Massage and Doula Client

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